The Family Behind HEDKA Group 

Meet Humberto and Annette Romo, the bilingual father-daughter duo of HEDKA Group Insurance Services LLC.

Humberto began his journey in the insurance field at the young age of 27. After years of working with various companies and building his expertise, Humberto decided to say good-bye to the corporate world and open the doors to HEDKA Group Insurance Services LLC. With a wife and three young daughters at home, he knew he wanted to incorporate his family in the business. After months of deciding a business name, the perfect name finally came to mind: HEDKA - H umberto, E mma, D annia, K arla, A nnette, an acronym for the people he loved most, his family.

From the moment of opening HEDKA Group Insurance Services LLC, Humberto never settled to offer any less than quality insurance and quality service to his clients.

After 30 years in the business, Humberto was happy to share his ownership role with his youngest daughter, Annette.

Annette joined Humberto in 2013 to assist in the expansion of HEDKA Group Insurance Services LLC. 

Prior to her current post, Annette held various positions in the sales and marketing departments at an internationally known action sports and fashion brand in Orange County, California.

After six years of fundamental experience, Annette decided to follow her father's footsteps and leave the corporate world to join HEDKA Group Insurance Services LLC as Co-Owner. 


With Annette's Bachelor's Degree in Sociology and Communications, background in corporate sales and marketing, and Humberto's industry experience, HEDKA Group Insurance Services LLC is built on a healthy foundation for continued success. 

HEDKA Group Insurance Services LLC is a bilingual agency fluent in Spanish and English. They are located in the heart of Los Angeles County in Bell, California and have been proudly serving their patrons since 1983.