Did you know you can offer employee benefits without paying a single penny? 

Give your employees the opportunity to choose  various policies at no cost to you. 

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Property coveragE & General liability


Company holidays, paid vacations...how about group health coverage? 

Did you know that providing your employees with health benefits can help secure employee loyalty sustainability? 

If you have one employee to more than 51, we can provide you with the best health coverage in the market. Choose a plan for your employees or have your employees choose which is best for their needs. 

As business owners, we know the importance of keeping your employees happy, increasing your clientele, and maintaining a positive reputation amongst your community. At HEDKA Group Insurance Services LLC we can cover your business insurance needs from group health benefits to property and general liability. 

Protect your business.    protect your employees.   protect your reputation. 

Secure the financial future of your employees and their families with a group life insurance. 

Insure key employees, employees who frequently travel for your business, or insure the entire company as an added employee benefit. 

Not sure who to insure or how much? We got you covered.Learn more.  

life insurance for your employees

Supplemental Insurance for your employees at no cost to you

Workers Compensation

Whether you run a restaurant, a hair salon, or  marketing firm, we have all your insurance needs covered. 

Protect your business from natural disasters, dishonest employees, or pricey lawsuits with business property insurance and general liability.

We work with various insurance companies to ensure that we have what you need to keep your business running no matter the situation. 

Do did you know that running a business without workers' compensation is illegal in California even if you have just one employee?

Don't get caught uninsured. Protect your employees and your business.